She Creature

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She Creature is a well-written and executed film centering on nature’s biggest bitch, the mermaid.

HBO commissioned a series of creature feature movies based on famous B-movies of the past, and unfortunately this was the only one ever made. That really is too bad because what the audience gets here is the best mermaid horror film in existence. Well, okay, this is probably the only one but that doesn’t stop it from being a very good horror film.

Carla Gugino (Spin City) and her boyfriend are carnies. After coming across ‘the find of the century’ they decide to bring the fishy fiend to America, where they can exploit the mermaid for piles of cash.

One problem, the Mermaid isn’t at all like the expected. The filmmakers did a great job of incorporating the mythology of the mermaid into the film. As everyone is surely familiar with Disney’s The Little Mermaid, explaining the real mythology behind mermaids was a must.

As the story goes, mermaids sing sirens and lure sailors to their death. And once in a while, they turn into humans. The film takes this base story and injects additional layers both into the capabilities and culture of the mermaids with great success.

The mermaid escapes at will and begins killing the crewmembers during the journey to America. Carla develops a strange fascination with mysterious, almost always nude, creature. As the bodies pile up, it becomes clear that everyone aboard is a just a pawn in the mermaid’s game.

Smartly written and well acted from the whole cast. Specifically, Gugino, who does a wonderful and believable job playing the conflicted former British prostitute, trying to lead a new life.

The effects are also pretty darn good. The monster, both in her normal mermaid form and then as her true hideous self are most excellent. The gore is pretty well done with some great shots. One caveat, the blood was way too bright red on the dead bodies. Dried blood is dark. C’mon!

Compared to other low budget films this one has a style and uniqueness that raises it well above b-movie fodder. It looks and feels like a film with a much higher budget.

The absolute best part of the film? The lack of a cheap, predictable, corny ending.

All in all,?She Creature is a fishy little gem of a film. Don’t be shy, catch this one whenever you can.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 2001

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