Evil Dead 2 / How I Spent My Halloween

Instead of a normal review, today, being the most hallowed of days, I am just writing up the story of my evening. Don’t read this unless you are bored. kthanks.

I had an unplanned, unscripted, run in with my favorite horror movie of all time today. Well, actually it was very early morning encounter. After partying it up in Hollywood (which was quite fun) I made it back to the house with my roommate and a drunk, but oh so sexy, devil. Since I was the designated driver for the evening (there’s a first time for everything) I played host and made a delicious garlic bread pizza for the inebriated. After some wildy entertaining conversation and a couple episodes of It’s Always Sunny I flipped through channels. And there it was – Evil Dead 2 on basic cable starting in 4 minutes. The night was already a smashing success. It just became legendary.

As the devil snuggled up to me, Ash appeared on the screen at nearly the same time as Ash (my dog) joined the snuggle party. I thought long and hard if I could imagine a more perfect scenario, but drew a blank. I soaked up every wonderful moment.

Everyone passed out within the first few minutes and it was just me and the Sam Raimi classic. Now, watching a movie like this one on basic cable is interesting. By interesting, I mean stupid. But, there is some joy to be had in the fact that THIS movie was on basic cable. I felt like an old friend stopped by to say hi. Plus, random infomercials at 430AM are always good for a few laughs.

The neutering of the film bordered on the ludicrous.

Was that chick raped by a tree? You would never know. At least the eyeball scene made it through mostly untouched. And the massive blood spray from the cellar door managed to make the edited cut. I guess when red liquid is being sprayed out of a fire hose at full blast it looks fake enough to pass the censors.

Moral of the story: I managed to stay awake through every frame and had a most wonderful Halloween.

The whole evening made me realize that there was a proverb tied to my night. That proverb is: ?Any night that ends with Evil Dead 2 is automatically upgraded to an awesome one.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Hope all of you had a happy Halloween! If you have a great story about your night, please let me know below.


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