Godzilla Vs. Mothra (1964)

What kind of self-respecting horror blogger wouldn’t at least write one review about Japan’s famous monster? Not I. Now there are tons and tons of Godzilla movies to choose from. And since my knowledge of the reptile with an atomic laser blast mouth is limited, I chose to watch the one that I have heard is the best – Godzilla vs. Mothra. Is that a true statement, I have no idea. The only thing I know for sure is that watching this movie reminds me of the crazy sh*t I used to think of while really, really high on hallucinogens.

The plot is rather astounding if you think about it. A massive tsunami-like storm washes up a very large Faberge egg off the coast of Japan and right near where a greedy business man is trying to build some apartments. He buys the egg from the villagers for, get this, the exact cost of the price of how many regular sized eggs would fit inside the large one. Basically, he pays market volume price for the egg. The best part of this is how almost everyone seems to think this is completely normal. Back to the plot, a journalist and his camerawoman aren’t so sure that the egg should be owned by anyone and begin poking around. Consider them do-gooders.

Then, in an astounding turn of events, two miniature twin fairies show up and try to talk the developer into returning the egg to Mothra’s island. Tell me whoever wrote this wasn’t on ‘shrooms, I dare ya! The business guy and his buddy, naturally, attempt to capture the fairies with the goal of profiting from them just like they plan to profit from the giant egg (they build a giant incubator for the egg to keep it warm and plan to charge tickets to see whatever hatches from it). It’s a fool proof plan, right? Eventually, the fairies fly off on a giant moth, but not before foreshadowing what’s to come.

If you attempt to take this movie seriously, your face would have melted off by now.

Now, Godzilla hasn’t shown up yet and I was beginning to wonder when and if it was going to happen at all. Then bam, Godzilla emerges from the mud on the beach where the apartments were to go in. Apparently, he had also been washed up on shore. The G-man immediately goes bonkers and starts blowing up and eating the town to bits. Then some random guy, who likes to eat eggs oddly enough, suggests that Mothra might be able to beat Godzilla in a battle. This comes so far out of left field that a crystal ball wouldn’t have helped predict.

Finally, the stage is set. Now, many things don’t make sense in this movie, but if you have made it this far you probably love this stuff. I always thought to myself the smart money in a battle between a giant moth and a lizard would be on the reptile.

I think of these kinds of things by the way. On a regular basis. The whole what could beat what consumes far too much of my time. What could a moth possibly do to a lizard at any shape or size? Turns out quite a bit.

Mothra (which looks more like a giant bee) is crushing most of the fight, but I learned an important lesson: Moths may be able to kick lizard ass, but if that lizard has atomic ray breath the odds are greatly decreased. Basically, never underestimate atomic ray breath. Ever.

I also learned that every weapon the Japanese have at their disposal is utterly useless against Godzilla. Plastic model tanks, fake lightning, an entire army, etc are all laughably weak. This sucks royally for them. It’s a DAMN good thing that there are random islands full of random creatures willing to fight on their behalf.

This flick pretty much has it all: Corporate greed, tiny twin fairies, and a giant lizard fighting a giant moth. If you need more in a movie something is wrong with you.

Rating: 7/10

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 1964


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